Air Hostess Job For Female 12th Pass, 10th Pass

Job Details

Hiring Organization Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport
Post Name Air Hostess
Qualification 10th Pass, 12th Pass
Industry Private
Employment Type Full Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary 35000/- To 55000/- Per Month
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 421204

About Organization

Our Company’s greatest strength is delivering excellence in everything we do to make Adani Airports the most admired and trendsetting airport experience. We will expand the realms of customer experience within and beyond the airport, thereby creating deep affection among our customers.

We will be the most admired, trendsetting Airport enterprise creating lifestyle destinations for communities to experience the world while delivering sustainable value for all stakeholders.

To be a world-class leader in businesses that enrich lives and contribute to nations in building infrastructure through sustainable value creation. We shall ensure the highest standards of safety and security for all our stakeholders at all times.

Job Description 

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Job brief

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase our workforce, we are looking for qualified and experienced Air Hostesses to join our team. We would be pleased to have you on board if you are a pleasant-looking, well-spoken individual with excellent customer servicing skills. We offer loads of opportunities for career growth and best-in-industry remuneration.

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Responsibilities of Air Hostess

  • Ensure all passengers are seated and have fastened their seatbelts
  • Make sure the main door is secure on flights
  • Instruct passengers on the various safety procedures
  • Demonstrate the use of oxygen masks
  • Help out with evacuation procedures during emergency landings
  • Ensure that all cabin equipment is in working condition
  • Manage passengers and maintain calm during emergencies
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Distribute pillows, magazines etc. before takeoff
  • Offer assistance for special passengers like toddlers and elders
  • Report any untoward incidents during flights (like medical emergencies, for example)
  • Help out with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedures and first aid

Skills required for Air Hostess

  • Should be a good swimmer
  • Excellent eyesight
  • Strong command over English and regional languages (according to the area covered by the aircraft)
  • Customer orientation (capacity to adapt to different cultures)
  • Should have a valid passport
  • Excellent time management and multitasking skills
  • Should be a team player
  • Shook be able to maintain calm under pressure
  • Should be good-mannered
  • Excellent physical fitness (Air Hostesses are usually expected to be slim and pretty)
  • Should have a clear and audible voice
  • Should be presentable and have good interpersonal skills
  • Should be unmarried (some airlines do not have this condition)
  • Flexible (to handle odd work hours and unexpected situations)

Education and Training required

Usually, candidates are required to hold at least a high school degree or GED to be eligible for air hostess jobs. Preference is given to those with a degree in hospitality, communications, or related fields. International Air Hostesses are expected to learn foreign languages. According to the BLS, air hostesses are expected to get certified by the Federal Aviation Administration after completing training spanning three to six months..

The good

  • Loads of job opportunities (There is a constant demand for qualified Air Hostesses)
  • Stimulating (you get to travel the world and meet new people from diverse cultures on a regular basis)
  • You can enjoy plenty of free time (on air, though)
  • No dearth of prospects for career growth (experienced Air Hostesses can quickly move on to senior positions and ground-based roles)
  • You do not have to bother about the attire you are going to wear for work (a uniform is provided)
  • People skills gained as an air hostess are useful for future managerial roles

The Bad

  • Odd work hours (Can be stressful and cause a lack of sleep)
  • You are expected to stay friendly irrespective of how some grumpy passengers behave
  • It is not easy to maintain work-life balance (you spend a lot of time away from family)
  • You get bored after a few years (caused by repetitive, monotonous work)

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