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University of Wollongong in Dubai

Adjunct lecturer – Operations Management

Position Profile

UOWD is currently seeking an Adjunct Lecturer for the Faculty of Business to teach Operations Management 

It is open to qualified candidates having the following attributes:

  • PhD. Degree in Business Management from a recognized international institute
  • Teaching experience at an internationally recognized institution specializing in the areas indicated below
  • An active researcher in the field (or related field) with publications in recognized international journals
  • Fluency in English language (both spoken and written)

Subject Description- Operations Management

This course presents the foundations of Operations Management. Our focus is on understanding the design and management of conversion processes by which goods and services are transformed into products and services. This course is about managing resources and flows – flows of information, goods, services, materials, equipment, people and the accompanying costs.

Goods and service providers must manage the highly interactive process of designing, producing, delivering, and disposing of products to assure success. Every aspect of business can benefit from using analytics, from understanding how customers behave to improving operation and financial performance.

Combining Operations Management with Business Analytics will equip students with the mindset necessary to be able to classify various operations management problems, identify the nature of the information needed to be able to address the problem, translate these problems into the appropriate statistical and/or mathematical framework and interpret the results of the models in a verbal manner to the relevant stakeholders.

Blended learning mode: Blended learning is the technique that combines traditional face-to-face instruction with online material. One type of blended learning is flipped classroom. Flipped classroom is the process of engaging students to allow them to “study” the course content at home, and participate in discussion, exercises and dialogue inside classroom. The subject has a total of 10 lectures and tutorials, each four-hour slot. All of these may use flipped classroom. Assessments have also evolved to become blended, incorporating various LMS features to engage students who do the task and students who provide feedback.