Indian Restaurant Jobs in Switzerland

Indian Restaurant Kanchi

Skilled Kitchen Chef

job title
Specialist kitchen
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by arrangement
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permanent position
That’s what we offer
Indian cuisine, North and South Indian specialties Group catering and à la carte guests
Preparation of Indian curries with the country-specific differences, making the specialties in the tandoori oven
Indian cooking apprenticeship with at least 1 year hotel management school, better 3 years, practical experience in Indian restaurant or hotel
English, possibly Hindi or other ind. language
Skilled kitchen
Skilled kitchen

Indian Restaurant Kanchi

Friedenstrasse 2
6004 Lucerne

India – what an experience. A fascinating mix of traditions, peoples, colors and food. Eating habits vary depending on the region from east to west and from north to south, from simple to rich, from exotic to down-to-earth – something for every taste. An unforgettable impression.

The world meets in our Indian restaurant Kanchi. We see ourselves as an open house for all cultures, but with a culinary focus on original Indian specialties in the picturesque surroundings of Central Switzerland.

Food is an integral part of any Indian conversation. Indian food is rich and easy to digest. With our exotic spices we emphasize the special taste and aroma. We season light to medium – but still Indian. We are happy to adjust the sharpness to your wishes.